About Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Is an unwanted tattoo or are unsightly semi permanent eyebrows holding you back?
Or perhaps your tattoo serves as an all too permanent reminder of an uncomfortable or unwanted memory?
Getting rid of an unwanted tattoo or semi permanent eyebrows can be a daunting thought.

The Rejuvi process works much like having the original tattoo, but instead of ink uses a specially formulated cream that bonds with the original tattoo ink and draws it to the skin surface. The cream doesn’t remain in the skin or replace the tattoo and the treatment is highly effective. Particularly suitable for semi permanent eyebrows. The remover is equally effective on all colour pigments.

The tattoo extraction formula gets to work almost immediately, drawing the original tattoo ink upwards through the skin. A crust containing the tattoo ink will form over the treated skin and after around 10-14 days the crust will naturally flake away taking that unwanted ink with it. The crust must be kept dry at all times.
A maximum area of 3″ x 3″ can be treated at any one time so larger tattoos will be broken down into areas and treated accordingly. Treated areas should be allowed to heal for at least twelve weeks before any subsequent treatments.
Some tattoos may require less or more treatments depending on original tattoo condition, individual health or lifestyle choices, or other circumstances.