Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Every individual and every tattoo is unique, some will respond better than others. Therefore no guarantee can be made on the likely outcome of the treatment. Published success rates of tattoo colour removal is 100% for eyebrows and over 92% for body tattoos.

Tattoos are not intended to be removed and a are a permanent body modification. Attempted removal by any process carries a potential risk of permanent scarring or skin changes. Scarring can occur though the treatment process used to introduce the remover or through poor or incorrect aftercare. Scarring may also depend on history of the area and the condition of the original tattoo. (The tattoo itself may already have some scar tissue which may not always be evident or visible until the ink has been removed).

Due to the nature of the process and many different factors at work, the risk of scarring can never completely be eliminated. There is an inherent risk from each treatment session or process. Only you as an individual can decide if the potential benefit outweighs such risks. Corrine Howe, Rejuvi Labratory USA, its distributors, agents and suppliers do not accept any liability for any post treatment scarring, complications or contraindictions as a result of any attempted removal.

As the treatment breaks the epidermis (the skins own natural defence barrier) for a prolonged period while the healing occurs, aftercare forms a critical part of the treatment process. The treated area must be kept dry and left alone to heal. Rubbing, scratching, picking, or bathing can easily introduce infections which can result in serious complications and permanent scarring, or disrupt the process affecting removal.

Due to the unique nature of any individual tattoo, it is impossible to predict how many treatments it may take to remove. It is feasible for a body tattoo to generally be removed in four or five treatments, or less depending on size and location. However, some tattoos may need more treatmenst or will fail to resolve completely regardless of the number of treatments due to the ink dispersion in the dermis.

Large tattoos or leg / arm bands require treatments in sections. Each treatment needs around 12 weeks to heal before retreating the same area, so in the case of a body tattoo it can take several months or at least a year to treat.

No, due to the risk of post treatment infection, it is not advisable to take anti biotics while pregnant or breast feeding.