About Digital Semi Permanent Makeup

Digital also known as Micropigmentation Semi Permanent Makeup, uses a machine very similar to a standard tattoo machine, it has a pen like hand tool and needles attach in various sizes and configurations which create different styles and results. The machine vibrates making a gentle buzzing noise, similar to an electric toothbrush and pushes the tiny needle in and out of the hand tool, gently held against the skin the needles accurately inject pigment into the skin in tiny dots. Lots of different styles can be created by using different needles and techniques, changing the speed of the machine and the hand stroke will change the amount of pigment that is implanted.

The digital method is a lot more exact, the technician can gauge their pressure and depth a lot easier than the manual method, known as Microblading. Microblading originates from Korea and is a manual method using a blade like pencil instead of a machine, to scratch individual hair strokes into the skin. There are some drawbacks with Microblading, due to the “cutting” nature of the technique, the skin can heal differently to the digital machine method, Microblading is known to heal cooler (grey/blue) this can be due to the skin healing over each stroke, it can also be due to the stroke being too deep or scarring (if the technician has used too much pressure). Microblading often doesn’t last as long in the skin as digital methods. And also doesn’t work well for all types of skin and lifestyles such as oilier skin or those who partake in regular intensive sweaty exercise.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up this is a permanent procedure, however, with time the pigment will fade, so to keep the colour density and shape, a colour boost (Top Up) is recommended 12 months after the initial treatment.