Semi-Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Semi-Permanent Make-Up is completely safe. Working to strict clinically hygienic standards using sterile equipment, only fully trained and experienced professionals should carry out treatments.

Every client is different, but as a general rule, clients tend to find eyebrow treatments the most comfortable, with eyeliner and lips usually a little more uncomfortable depending on sensitivity. A topical anaesthetic is applied throughout the treatment.

Your Semi-Permanent Make-Up colour will be considerably stronger immediately after the treatment, but it will soften to a more natural shade in time. It is not unusual for lips to appear swollen immediately after the first treatment, but they will return to the natural size and shape within a few days.

You will have to wait until your skin is fully healed before wearing any make-up on the treated area.

At the time of your treatment, you will be given full aftercare instructions. To ensure optimum results, please ensure that you follow the aftercare advice given during your appointment and on the aftercare leaflet provided.

Lips may be more swollen than normal immediately after the treatment, so you may want to take this into consideration, but there should be no reason why you cannot return to work after Semi Permanent Makeup treatment as long as your work allows you to adhere to the aftercare instructions.