Semi Permanent Makeup​ Treatments


Using a specialist digital / micropigmentation machine, ‘Hairstrokes’ or ‘Combination Brows’ can be created to fill in gaps, make eyebrows fuller and define the shape,or to correct and cover previous work. ‘Powdered’ or ‘Ombre Brows’ can be soft and subtle or offer dramatic definition with a ‘Power Brow’ effect, which can be ideal for those who regularly wear makeup.


With the choice of either top or bottom lash lines or both, you can opt for a subtle lash enhancer or a thicker more conventional eyeliner.

Eyeliner creates dramatically defined eyes or subtle definition which can make your eyes ‘pop’. A winged eyeliner can also be created.


Beautifully defined and tinted lips 24 hrs a day! Creating the illusion of volume and ensuring that the colour stays put.

Ideal for those who may have uneven, pale or thin lips with loss of lip line or those who may have lost shape and fullness with age.

A variety of lip colours to choose from.

Check Before You Book!

It is important to check your technician is fully trained, insured and licenced with their local Environmental health for needling treatments, evidence of this should be displayed in their treatment room. All technicians should insist on meeting clients for a consultation to check medical history and background and to check skin condition. Skin sensitivity patch tests should always be performed at least 24 hours prior to treatments, consultation and consent forms should always be completed and photographs should always be taken pre and post treatment. Your technician should also go through all aftercare guidelines prior to treatment.